The extraordinary power of play

Play is a powerful factor in a child’s healthy development.

From birth, children practice and develop a wide range of skills as they play, explore, discover, and learn. Play encourages critical thinking and problem solving, cross-cultural competence, creative thinking, collaboration, persistence, communication and curiosity.

It’s essential to family and community life. Great River Children’s Museum will deliver learning experiences through five platforms:

Exhibits and environments

Large-scale, physical settings that engage children and adults in interactive, self-directed, shared learning experiences. These year-round activities can be explored over time during multiple visits.

Live programs

Workshops, performances, drop-in programs, and field trips that engage children and adults in active hands-on exploration. Facilitated by staff, volunteers, and guest presenters, Live Programs are time-limited experiences using special materials, tools, or techniques.

Co-learning resource center

A space that supports shared learning opportunities for the museum and its partners, such as internships, practicum placements, community service, volunteering, and research projects with higher education institutions.


Collaboration with multiple partners in seasonally inspired activities that allow the museum to better serve its audience. Initiatives offer the museum an opportunity to respond to timely issues, build awareness around a topic, or deepen its impact.


Activities that connect selected museum offerings with children, parents, caregivers, and educators at parks and festivals, in schools, and other community venues. Outreach extends the museum’s reach across the region to increase its access.

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